Attain™ IVF Program

The Attain™ IVF program maximizes your chances of success with IVF through a 6-cycle treatment package (3-fresh, 3-frozen) and minimizes your financial risk by fixing the cost of treatment and providing a refund if treatment is not successful. The Attain IVF Program, formerly known as the IntegraMed® Shared Risk® Refund Program, is designed to increase your opportunity to get the outcome you want-a-baby-while managing the cost of IVF treatment.

If you qualify for the Program, you may attempt up to 6 (3-fresh, 3-frozen) IVF cycles at a RPMG for a fixed, discounted fee. When you take a baby home from the hospital, IntegraMed retains the full fee. If you are successful on the first attempt you will pay more with this program than the traditional fee-for-service payment method. However, in the event that treatment is unsuccessful or you elect to withdraw from the Program, 70% of the fee is refunded (100% for egg donor recipients).

Generally the Attain IVF Refund Program is for patients with limited or no infertility insurance coverage. If you have partial coverage, you still may be able to use the Attain IVF Refund Program. We suggest you fully explore your insurance benefits before enrolling in the program.

Women must be under 38 years old to be considered Attain™ IVF, Women 38 and older may participate if they are using donor eggs. Couples who participate in the Attain™ IVF are not eligible for the SUCCESS PROGRAM. For more information, you can obtain a pamphlet in our office, call (866) YOUR IVF (1-866-968-7483 ) or go to:

Three out of four participants who complete the program take home a baby.

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