Fertility Treatment Does Not Lead to More Breakups

It’s the stuff that Lifetime movies are made of; a couple has difficulty conceiving, they blame each other and then break up. But does that happen in real life? Sure it does but a new study claims that it’s not all that common at least in Denmark.

There’s good news for couples who are struggling to conceive.

Those who are …

The emotional consequences of failed fertility treatment

The mental health impact of failed fertility treatment has been explored in a recent study published in the journal Human Reproduction and reported on psychcentral.com. Dr. Sofia Gameiro of Cardiff University, UK, and her team explored the factors that may affect women’s mental health more than a decade after unsuccessful fertility treatment.

They gave questionnaires to 7,148 women who had …

The Five Stages of Infertility Grief

Here is an interesting article from the website Daily Life which may explain some feelings that couples going through infertility treatment are going through.

They are based on what has been shown with any other grieving process, like the five stages identified by Kubler-Ross, the progression of infertility emotions has stages as well.

“When you’re having trouble having a baby, …