Conceptions & Misconceptions

For the infertile couple, the desire for a child can turn to desperation, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. It can be both dangerous and expensive to enter the world of assisted reproduction without an experienced guide to lead the couple through not only the complex technology, but also a whole host of consumer issues. Potential pitfalls include including deceptive advertising practices, clinics with poor or misleading results, allegations of unethical practices by infertility doctors, limited insurance coverage and cost considerations.

conceptions and misconceptions

Conceptions & Misconceptions was born of the need for clear, understandable, and unbiased information about the complex and fast-growing world of assisted reproduction. In this completely updated and revised edition of the book that has helped thousands of infertile couples, two leading fertility experts take your hand and lead you through the treatment process. Dr. Wisot and Dr. Meldrum provide clear, concise information on everything from basic physiology to choosing a doctor, and cover the latest assisted reproduction technologies. Accompany a patient on her 30 day journey through a cycle of in vitro fertilization and discover not only the physical, but also the emotional impact of infertility treatment. This second edition includes a new chapter on the role of complementary and alternative methods ( CAM ) in fertility treatment, including a balanced look at acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and the mind-body connection. This book can help couples to have a baby by empowering them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

It is now more possible than ever before for an infertile couple to conceive. At the same time, couples need to know how to protect themselves in an increasingly confusing and complex field. This updated and revised edition of Conceptions and Misconceptions can help you maximize your chances for success on your hope-filled journey into parenthood.

Dr. Wisot was an OB/GYN, who now exclusively specializes in infertility. He practices at Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc. (RPMG) in Southern California and is a clinical professor at UCLA School of Medicine.

Dr. Meldrum is a Reproductive Endocrinologist specializing in infertility. He is the Scientific Director at RPMG, and clinical professor at UCLA Medical School . He and his wife have four healthy children as a result of fertility treatment.

"In this era of constant exposure to information on infertility, Wisot and Meldrum's Conceptions and Misconceptions offers a unique and refreshing approach; readable and scientifically sound, complex concepts are presented in a fashion that makes them easy to understand and remember. Theirs is a compassionate and hopeful method."

Alan H. DeCherney, MD
Division Chief, Reproductive Endocrinology, UCLA School of Medicine

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