20 weeks pregnant! Thanks to Reproductive Partners!

20 weeks pregnant! Thanks to Reproductive Partners!

Postby tzaras » Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:21 pm

I have PCOS and had the hardest time getting pregnant. After have 2 miscarriages and trying for 6 years after that we decided to got to Reproductive Partners in Redondo Beach. After our first try of IUI, we were successful! I couldn't believe it! Now I am 20 weeks pregnant and having a boy!
Our doctor was Dr. Meldrum, he was great! You get to meet other doctors too and they were all good. The staff was wonderful and knowledgeable with any questions i had. I would call sometimes and a nurse would take my call or call me back typically the same day. I am so happy we decided to go there. And would go back again to try for a second or third baby!! All I can say is good luck, don't give up hope and do what you possibly can to prepare your body for pregnancy. I had to change my diet and increase my Vitamin D supplement, since i was low, I took Follisum shots, and did progestrone suppositories. Also, excersise and yoga helped me.

Re: 20 weeks pregnant! Thanks to Reproductive Partners!

Postby Dr. Wisot » Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:20 pm

I'm so glad to hear of your success. and so quickly. I wish we could do it that quickly for everyone. :)

I will pass this on to Dr. Meldrum

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