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Poor Responder

Post by ChristenMM » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:25 pm


My husband and I recently underwent an IVF cycle here in the U.S. and it failed.

Originally my husband was the only one with the problem 1% morphology.But, now I have poor ovarian reserve. I am 39 1/2 and my AMH in October of 2015 was .24. However, my FSH was 5.5 in January of 2016. AMH was not repeated.

I was stimulated with the maximum dosages and only produced three eggs which all produced embryo's (I do not know the quality, only that one had progressed normally by day 3). We did a day 3 transfer. On the 2nd day after the transfer, I had what I can only describe as "scab-like" discharge about the size of a tear. One the 6th day, I finally left the house and started to resume so level of normal activity (no heavy lifting) and that afternoon I had a very bright red urine flow like small amount of blood pass when I used the bathroom. I thought that it might have been implantation bleeding, but clearly not.

I want to try IVF again, but am afraid of the same results. In doing research, I found a book that suggest many environmental factors such as BPA and Phthalates can play a part in egg quality/quantity and effect the sperm as well. The book suggests waiting 3-4 months prior to beginning IVF to get the full effect of supplements recommended as well as let the harmful chemicals leave your body.

My questions is: Given my numbers, in your opinion, will my number of eggs change drastically while waiting or should I be OK? Should I re-test my AMH before making this decision?

Also, is there anyway for me to preserve my eggs (not menstruate) until the month before the IVF procedure. My thought was to take birth control pills for three months (and not take the sugar pills). Is this safe? Can it be done? What are the repercussion?

Finally, Based on our numbers, would you recommend that we use donor eggs instead of trying another cycle?

This time around will have to be the last as we do not have any money after this one. It is critical that we make the right decision.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Dr. Amin
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Re: Poor Responder

Post by Dr. Amin » Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:13 pm

In general, egg numbers will not change dramatically from one month to the next. We do know that over time however, both egg numbers and egg quality decline. The rate of decline can be different for every woman. I recommend that you speak with your reproductive endocrinologist regarding your specific case if you plan to wait 3-4 months.

Unfortunately, using birth control pills or taking other medications to not menstruate will not preserve eggs. Egg numbers will naturally decline over time.

In regards to using an egg donor, I recommend that you again speak to your reproductive endocrinologist. Without knowing more about you, it's difficult to answer this question.

I wish you the best of luck.

Marli Amin, MD
Reproductive Partners Medical Group
Westminster, CA
Marli Amin, MD
Reproductive Partners Medical Group
Orange County, CA

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