LUI cd9 - Clomid + injectable cycle

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LUI cd9 - Clomid + injectable cycle

Post by Coleboo143 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:29 pm

Hi there,

I'm using frozen donor sperm with lui to get pregnant. I have one daughter from the same donor 3 years ago from a Clomid, trigger, lui cycle. It has been much more difficult trying for number 2. I've had 3 failed cycles. I produced 2 follicles on the first Clomid cycle BFN. I had one follicle on subsequent cycles with Clomid and the other with 1 gonal-f injection. I also had a cycle where my doc upped me to two injections a night (150iu gonal-f) and I overproduced and had 14 follicles. I was cancelled. I just finished 3 weeks of birth control to help with the cysts. Baseline was clear and I started 150mg Clomid for 5 days cd3-7, and 75iu gonal-f cd7-8. First ultrasound today on cd9 wa snt too great. I had one follicle at 10.5, and lots of smaller ones. The 2 biggest other ones were 8.9mm. So everything is still pretty small. Doc has me continuing one injection for 3 more nights (cd9-11) come back cd12 for another ultrasound. I'm praying the 8.9 catch up and the 10.5 keeps growing. I don't want another 1 follicle cycle. I'm nervous. Any advice is appreciated

Dr. Wisot
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Re: LUI cd9 - Clomid + injectable cycle

Post by Dr. Wisot » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:15 pm

It looks like there is a very narrow window in you between a dose of medication that gives you one or two follicles and over stimulation.

It seems prudent to me to keep you on the one vial of Gonal-F and although it may take a little longer you should achieve a mature follicle or two, hopefully not more.

I cannot really give advice here but what they are having you do sounds reasonable.

Arthur L. Wisot, M. D.
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