The Cost of Fertility Treatment

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There are a wide variety of treatment options available for those trying to become pregnant. Many of these options are relatively low cost. Others, like IVF, are more expensive but the good news is that not all patients will need IVF.

An accurate cost estimate for fertility treatment can only be determined once a personalized treatment plan has been established. At Reproductive Partners, an initial consultation costs $250 and includes a one-on-one meeting with one of our highly trained fertility doctors. In this meeting, the doctor will review your medical history, possibly perform an examination and an ultrasound, answer your questions and develop a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve a successful outcome.

Your initial consultation also includes a meeting with one of our financial coordinators. The financial coordinator will go over the cost of treatment, financing and any shared-risk programs, if any, that may apply to your course of treatment.

Should you need IVF, it is important that you understand the total cost of treatment. Many IVF centers advertise a low cost estimate that does not include many essential aspects of treatment such as medication, and anesthesia.

If you would like additional information about various costs that affect the total cost of IVF, please read more here:

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