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If you are searching for fertility treatment in Southern California we hope you will take a moment to learn more about our practice and how we can help you in achieving your dream of growing your family.

The fertility doctors at Reproductive Partners are internationally and nationally recognized for success in IVF - in vitro fertilitization, egg freezing and other fertility treatments for women and men.

"I am 35 yrs old and had been with 2 other different fertility clinics before I found Dr. Rosen. The first meeting with him, I already felt that he is very knowledgeable and passionate at what he does.

I just love how warm Dr. Rosen is. He made me feel comfortable each time. Every ultrasound, he really looks at everything. I never felt rushed. He would always ask me if I had any questions. He tells you things as they are, no sugarcoating and I like it that way. Because I know when he says we have nothing to worry about then we really have nothing to worry about..no second guessing. He answers my texts and emails even after hours."

- Suzette B. - Yelp, July 21, 2015

Your Personal Fertility Success Story Start Here

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You've met the love of your life. You've talked about having children someday. And then, someday comes. You pick a name for a boy and for a girl. Will they have your eyes? His smile? Months go by without success and you begin to think something might be wrong.

We hear stories like this everyday. Although each story is unique, they share a common beginning. No matter how long you have been trying, we believe that today can mark a new chapter in a story with the happy ending you are dreaming of.

At RPMG, your personal fertility success story starts with the highest quality of care that comes from an established team of doctors and staff who are truly dedicated to your success. You will be treated by renowned fertility doctors who have helped develop the technical breakthroughs and ethical guidelines that are followed by fertility clinics throughout the United States.

The doctors at RPMG are recognized experts in the field of fertility who continue to pioneer new research in the development and implementation of innovative infertility treatments. Most importantly, when you are a patient at Reproductive Partners, you have a partner with the experience, insight, and compassion to guide you successfully through every step of the process.

"I used Reproductive Partners for egg freezing and was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Ambartsumyan and her staff. They explained every step very throughly and made me feel very comfortable from the beginning.

When I had some issues with giving myself one of the shots on a Saturday night I was able to speak to Dr. A on the phone and was able to come in the next morning for help. Everything went very smoothly. I felt perfectly fine after the surgery and would recommend this office and procedure to other women thinking about freezing their eggs. I had a very good experience and am not easily impressed with other medical care I have received in the past. Thank you Dr. A!!!"

- Ivie S. - Yelp, July 21, 2015

Personalized Care

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From your very first visit at RPMG, you will experience the personalized attention and care that sets us apart. Unlike other fertility clinics, we take the time to examine a broad range of fertility treatment options rather than push you toward a procedure that you are not ready for. With all your options in front of you, your doctor will help you through treatment decisions, while providing you with in-depth explanations and answers to all your questions. The result is a personalized fertility treatment plan that you understand and are comfortable with.

Your appointments are always with one of our physicians who perform all office procedures including ultrasounds. At Reproductive Partners the doctors, nurses and IVF coordinators are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We know that infertility treatment can be highly technical, extremely complex, emotionally draining and expensive, which is why providing personal attention and walking you through every step of the process is so critical in achieving success.


Successful fertility treatment requires a cohesive team of doctors, nurses, embryologists, scientists and staff all working toward a common goal. Reproductive Partners has 8 doctors specialized in reproductive medicine who help each other effectively diagnose and treat patients in four locations throughout Southern California. Many of our physicians and staff members have been together for over 20 years. This legacy of cooperation has produced techniques for developing individual treatment plans which result in a high level of success in even the most difficult cases. When you join the RPMG team as a patient, you will benefit not only from the expertise of a single physician but also from the combined knowledge and innovation of the entire group.

"The doctors and nurses at RPMG are very caring, professional and are experts at what they do. After about 2 years of tests and treatments by Dr. Rosen and Dr. Huang, we are finally pregnant with twins! We were not entirely open to the idea of IVF so the doctors did whatever they could to treat our reproductive issues.

They patiently answered our many questions and really took time to explain what was going on. They gave us options and never pressured us to go one way or the other. It's been an emotional roller coaster and they had been very supportive all throughout the process. It was very clear to me that their ultimate goal was simply to help their patients conceive. I can honestly say that I would still be writing this positive review had we not been successful."

-Cathy C. - Yelp, April 28, 2015

Ethical Standards in Fertility Treatment

RPMG has always been a leader in ethical fertility treatment. Both Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Yee have held positions as the President of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), and Dr. Yee continues to serve as a member of the executive council there. Dr. Yee is also a former Director of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

It is the establishment and enforcement of ethical guidelines that protect patients from dangerous or unnecessary treatments. RPMG has always followed these ethical principles and have been leaders in reducing the number of embryos transferred per IVF cycle to reduce the chance of higher-order multiple pregnancies. At Reproductive Partners, we feel that the best chance for a successful pregnancy occurs when the outcome results in a single or twin babies.


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As an elite, handpicked group of America's top fertility doctors, Reproductive Partners has seen and treated all types of infertility achieving some of the most outstanding success rates. More than 10,000 births in Southern California have resulted from fertility treatment at our centers.

True success however, is defined by the entire process leading up to each new baby. Success is realized when you, as a patient, feel comfortable and fully understand the procedures you're undergoing. Success is achieved when you can ask and are provided with answers for all of your questions. Success is accomplished when you participate in the decision of what treatment option is best for you and can begin that treatment with full confidence. Success is attained when top physicians collaborate and apply their combined knowledge and individual skills as doctors to solving your infertility, bringing you a baby, the happy ending to your personal success story.

The first page in a new chapter of your personal success story starts with an initial consultation.

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