RPMG’s Dr. Wisot quoted in article on Duchess Kate’s pregnancy

RPMG’s Dr. Arthur Wisot was quoted in the cover story on Duchess Kate’s pregnancy in the December 17th edition of the National Enquirer. The aricle covered her recent hospitalization for hyperemesis gravidarum.

“Dr. Arthur Wisot, a noted gynecologist with Reproductive Partners in Los Angeles,
told The Enquirer that Kate’s babies could be in danger if she fails to gain enough weight during her pregnancy. “If the babies do not get enough nutrients, they fail to thrive in the womb and could develop both short-term and long-term developmental problems, including neurological damage,”said Dr. Wisot. “The condition hyperemesis
gravidarum means literally extreme vomiting during pregnancy and only adds to the danger of her already thin and frail state. “Some patients stay in the hospital
for months with this condition because they can’t keep any foods down.”

Dr. Wisot confirmed there’s also a chance of miscarriage.”

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