Don’t stress over infertility-easy to say, hard to do

We all know that infertility is an emotional and heartbreaking problem. It’s easy to say “don’t stress over it, but stress reduction over any issue is hard to do.

A 2012 Carnegie-Mellon University study finds stress levels increased over the past 26 years. They also found women experience more of it, and many say the stress itself can sabotage plans to create a family.

There are a number of effective ways to reduce stress: exercise, meditation, acupuncture and yoga can reduce stress and improve health. Perhaps the most effective is a mind-body class, which helps connect a couple suffering with infertility with other families trying to overcome the same infertility obstacle. A mind-body program is designed to not only reduce stress, but also to teach relaxation techniques and cognitive realignment, giving the couple the belief they can succeed rather than feeling they are doomed to failure.

Traditionally the mind-body consists of a series of classes which, in today’s busy world, can be very difficult for couples with demanding jobs and busy lifetyles. Now there is an exciting online alternative: In 7 weeks, the Fertility Within Home Study Course can transform your relationship with stress in ways that are clinically proven to improve pregnancy rates. It’s a life creating journey that can help you conceive and will provide a powerful foundation for parenthood.

The course was designed by Paula Dowd who after a three year struggle to have her son, felt called to work with other women struggling with infertility. So she went back to school, received a Masters degree in Psychology and went to Boston to get certified to teach the Harvard based mind body program taught by her mentor Alice Domar, Ph.D.

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