Donor Egg Bank USA achieves milestone of 500 embryo transfers

Reflecting the growing trend of donor egg as a fertility treatment option, Donor Egg Bank USA announces the company milestone of more than 500 embryo transfers completed.

Donor Egg Bank USA, a leading frozen donor egg bank, provides frozen donor eggs to infertility patients who are unable to conceive a child using their own eggs. After a donor egg is fertilized with sperm, the resulting embryo is transferred to the patient’s uterus.

Current success rates using frozen donor eggs are nearly equal to those using fresh donor eggs. Of the 500 transfers at Donor Egg Bank USA, 59 percent of women were pregnant and 44 percent continue to carry a pregnancy or have already delivered a baby. Donor Egg Bank USA is the only frozen donor egg bank that provides pregnancy outcome data for all of its locations. Therefore, patients can move forward with confidence in treatment throughout the United States and Canada.

In a recent study, reported here yesterday, researchers found that using donor egg in treatment has increased from 10,801 to 18,306 in the past decade (2000-2010). The nationally-publicized study found that donor egg usage is on the rise, with the average age of women seeking treatment being 41.

Donor Egg Bank USA has partnered with 18 leading partner practices throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The most recent addition is Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York which is slated to begin offering Donor Egg Bank USA donors in the greater New York City area in early 2014.

More than 150 reproductive endocrinologists participate in the DEB USA network making it the largest network in the United States. Donor Egg Bank USA is the only frozen donor egg network to offer a 100% Assured Refund program at each of its network locations.

“We are grateful to have helped so many couples and individuals pursue the dream of parenthood,” says Heidi Hayes, CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA. “Using frozen donor eggs is not only faster and more convenient, but is less costly, making this option available to more patients.”

While frozen sperm has been available for years, the availability of a pool of frozen donor eggs for in-vitro fertilization is a new development. Couples can obtain frozen donor eggs immediately and complete an IVF cycle in as little as one to two months.

While a traditional (fresh) donor egg IVF cycle can cost $25,000-$38,000, a frozen donor egg IVF cycle is half the cost. Couples can pursue treatment using frozen donor eggs and save time and money, without compromising success.

In the past, working with a (fresh) egg donor was the only option for women who were unable to produce their own viable eggs. This process requires the synchronization of menstrual cycles between the donor and the recipient who will carry the baby. The entire process of identifying a donor, screening, and treatment has been shortened from the typical four to nine months to only one or two months with frozen eggs.

Couples have access to a national donor database offering a range of characteristics such as physical traits, ethnicity, education level and more. All donors in the database have completed their donation cycle and have frozen eggs ready for selection.

Couples using frozen eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA are offered a refund guarantee through the 100% Assured Refund Plan if the delivery of a baby is not achieved. The guarantee offers peace of mind and assurance that dollars spent in treatment will result in a baby or a refund.

Donor Egg Bank USA is a frozen donor egg program developed through the collaboration of more than 150 top reproductive specialists and available at more than 60 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Donor Egg Bank USA offers immediate access to a broad donor egg pool and uses advanced freezing technology to produce success rates similar to traditional (fresh) donor egg programs. Using frozen eggs from Donor Eggs Bank USA requires less time than a fresh donor egg cycle (1-2 months versus 3-12 months in a traditional cycle), and is more affordable. Donor Egg Bank USA offers the financial security of a 100% Assured Refund Plan™ if a couple does not deliver a baby. Donor Egg Bank USA offers frozen egg fertility options to couples nationally and across the globe. For more information:, 855-344-2265

RPMG is the center working exculsively with DEB USA in Southern California.