Then: Tupperware parties Now: Egg Freezing parties

According to a November 11 article in the Washington Post there is a new trend in marketing parties: egg freezing parties.

They started in New York and now a reproductive endocrinologist in San Francisco wants to make “egg-freezing parties” — a recent trend at expensive New York bars — a thing in San Francisco, too. Women who attend her parties — she’s planned a trio of them for interested women who want to stop by after work — get a 10 percent discount should they decide to spend the roughly $15,000 she charges to freeze and store one’s eggs. Women who host one of their own egg-freezing parties get an even larger discount. One such party carries a $20 entry fee.

While the parties might be new to San Francisco, they originated in New York. EggBanxx threw a “Let’s chill!” party in September at the very fancy Crosby Street Hotel. Slate described the follow-up marketing aimed at women who attended that party: Since the mid-September event, company “patient advocates” have aggressively emailed the women who attended, offering special financing plans and a $500 discount for signing up by the end of the month. “Hoping to help you chill and have no regrets!” went a typical follow-up email. “The future you will thank you!

The article points to a 2013 piece from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine that cautions against “marketing this technology for the purpose of deferring childbearing … there is concern regarding the success rates in women in the late reproductive years who may be the most interested in this application.”

You don’t have to attend a party to have your eggs frozen at Reproductive Partners. Just fill out a request for more information or a consultation or call us at (877)

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