Dr. Wisot quoted in Life & Style on ERA to time IVF transfers

RPMG’s Dr. Arthur Wisot is quoted in the May 4th edition of Life & Style magazine’s cover story on Khloe Kardashian’s trying to conceive again with Lamar Odom.


The fertility problem that is alleged is a problem with implantation. Dr. Wisot cited the new Endometrial Receptivity Assay which helps pinpoint an individual’s window of implantation which can vary from person to person and lead to IVF failure despite good quality normal embryos.

The assay involves taking a biopsy specimen from the endometrium at the average time of implantation and tells the doctor if the timing is either correct, too early or too late for that individual. As a result the transfer date can be delayed or advanced.

In the article: A new discovery in in vitro fertilization that targets womenwho, like Khloé, have trouble with implantation (the beginning of pregnancy, when the embryo adheres to the wall of the uterus) due to an unstable uterine lining. “There’s a new test out called endometrial receptivity assay (ERA), which gives us the window of implantation of that particularindividual and tellsus what day to do an embryotransfer,” explains Dr. Arthur L. Wisot, fertility specialist with ReproductivePartners, who does not treat the star. “[It’s essentially]a biopsy to tell the development and receptivity of the lining.”