7 Reasons To Consider Frozen Donor Egg IVF

Donor Egg IVF
As fertility technologies advance, using fresh or frozen donor eggs with IVF treatment is becoming a more attractive option for women struggling to conceive. Within the last few years, donor egg IVF has grown quickly in popularity, and patients are learning about the many benefits this type of fertility treatment provides.

At Reproductive Partners, we work together with Donor Egg Bank USA and their nationwide database of diverse egg donors to help facilitate donor egg IVF treatments and provide the support you need to start your path to parenthood. As you begin to weigh your fertility options, consider these seven key reasons for choosing a frozen donor egg cycle.

1. As An Alternative To Traditional IVF

If you have tried repeated attempts of traditional IVF with your own eggs but have not been successful, it may be time to explore using frozen donor eggs. It can be incredibly challenging and frustrating when an embryo does not implant, but by using a different egg source, you can increase your chance of a healthy pregnancy.

2. Diverse Pool Of Donors, Rigorous Screening Process

Receiving frozen eggs from a national egg bank provides you with a large pool of possible donors, so you are more likely to find one with the genetic criteria you are looking for. Additionally, given the detailed background information provided in donor profiles – from medical history and genetic disorders, to education to employment status – you can feel even more confident about your selection.

3. Shorter Time Frame

Frozen eggs are readily available so you can get started when the time is right for you. Additionally, you will have fewer doctors’ visits, require less medication, and avoid worrying about synchronizing your schedule with the donor’s. Instead, the eggs are thawed, fertilized, and transferred directly into your prepared uterus.

4. Avoid Cancellation

Frozen egg donation cycles are rarely cancelled compared to other types of fertility treatments. This is primarily due the fact that you do not need to rely on other individuals during the process. Therefore, you have greater control with a frozen donor egg IVF cycle.

5. Increase Your Chances

As fertility science is perfected, the success rates of frozen egg cycles rival some of the best fresh donor programs in the United States. By going through the egg bank, you are guaranteed good quality eggs, mature for sperm insemination to create a viable embryo. If all eggs available in the egg lot are thawed and fertilized, the egg bank will guarantee that at least one or more normal developing embryos will be available for transfer by day 3. In the unlikely event that a good embryo is not available by then, clients with the Single Cycle Financial Plan will be provided a new egg lot. With the Assured Refund Plan?, you will be provided with a 100% refund in the event that you do not deliver a healthy baby within 6 cycles. Such insurance policies give you peace of mind that you will be given the best possible chance for a successful pregnancy.

6. More Affordable

Frozen donor egg IVF offers a more affordable option, typically at half the cost of a fresh donor IVF cycle. Reduced pricing is available when you purchase the eggs in a bundle with our treatment plan. These financial plans offer the donor’s eggs and the treatment cost for the egg thaw and embryo transfer. This way, you will know the full treatment costs up front and will not be surprised by unexpected fees.

7. Consistency for Future Pregnancies

Finally, by using frozen eggs, you have the option to choose the same genetic donor in the future by reserving eggs from the same donor. This means that your children would have the same genetic background.

To learn more about pursuing a frozen donor egg IVF treatment, schedule a consultation with us today.