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Yes, that’s correct. You can ask a question about infertility or IVF and you will get a prompt answer. And it’s free. You do not have to be a patient of reproductive Partners or even a patient yet; you may just be starting your infertility journey and have not yet seen a doctor. This is a service that Reproductive Partners medical Group has provided in a Fertility Forum since we started our first website in 1999.

When we first started we were receiving an average of 20 questions a day because there were so few resources available on the web. Now that resources for information are abundant our volume of questions has diminished but we are still there for you.

There are several categories of questions: IVF Questions, PGD for Single Defect Questions, Egg Freezing Questions or the catch-all General Questions. There is even a section for Success Stories where people are encouraged to post uplifting and encouraging stories about their struggles to achieve success.

Certain questions seem to keep recurring and the current most common can be summarized in this post:

1st Cycle IVF – No PGS Normal

Some background information on me, my husband has 0% morph, everything else is good (motility and volume). My LH is 7.7, FSH 5.3, AMH 4.5, these are all from the last round of CD3 testing.

We did our first round of IVF with antagonist protocol with Lupron trigger (80 units), I had 21 follicles and they only retrieved 11 eggs, the other sacs were “empty”. Of the 11 eggs only 9 were mature. I was quite concerned with that number, because from my research follicles are never “empty” it is just that the egg failed to mature and drop from the follicle wall. After doing some reading on Lupron trigger, this can occur when the lupron doesn’t produce the appropriate response in the brain. I ended up with 3 day 5 blasts, BX and send for PGS with natera. None came back normal (one had XXX). My MD first said that he thought the issue could have been the lupron trigger didn’t mature my eggs completely, which may have caused some issues, this is what I leaned towards.

The next appointment he said something else that was concerning, he said that “this is why you haven’t been getting pregnant” because you have abnormal eggs.

Is this even an actual diagnosis? Or have you seen a similar issue with lupron trigger in any of your patients? If so what is your recommendation on HcG?

Thank you for your opinion!

The answer:

If you look back at past posts you will see that this issue of no normal PGS blasts is very common. The most usual scenario is that you do another cycle and may do much better. Just rotten luck.

The Lupron issue can be overcome by using an hCG co-trigger and double checked by getting a progesterone level the day after trigger and a urine LH test. That was probably not related to the PGS results but should result in a better retrieval.

I notice that you cleverly left out your age which could be a factor despite your encouraging numbers.

She is now into another cycle. Keep watching the Forum for an update.

If you have a question I encourage you to ask at our Fertility Forum.

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