Dr. Wisot on CNN

RPMG's Dr. Arthur Wisot was featured on CNN on March 1 in a story about RPMG's Super Donor.

When egg donation first started and there was a limited supply of donors, Kathryn was in great demand. She was tall, beautiful, intelligent, a Playboy Playmate and got almost everyone pregnant. In total she donated ten times, nine at RPMG and once elsewhere when we would not let her donate anymore. Today with the availability of many donors wer generally limit the number of egg donations to three to four.

The story was originally broadcast on KCBS-TV, Channel 2 in Los Angeles eleven years ago. The reporter, Thelma Gutierrez, now with CNN wanted to see how Kathryn ws doing a felt about her donations. She was basically happy for all the families she helped create and has no regrets.

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You can read the transcript here:


Dr. Wisot's part is at the bottom.