Options for Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

Some new fertility preservation option are on the horizon, but today the most realistic option for most women is egg or embryo freezing. An article in MedPage Today outlines some interesting options for very young women and girls needing to preserve their fertility because of cancer chemotherapy.

In June, researchers reported the first live birth from a young girl whose …

Consider future fertility before cancer chemotherapy or radiation

Cancer and cancer treatments can threaten patients’ ability to have children. Many factors affect that risk, including the patient’s age, type of cancer, chemo type and dosage, surgery to the reproductive system and radiation therapy, depending on dose and location.

Some patients may need to start chemo or radiation right away. Others can afford to wait a few weeks, long …

ACOG addresses concerns of teenagers with cancer including future fertility

The teenage years can be tough enough under the best of circumstances. But when cancer invades an adolescent’s life, the challenges grow exponentially.

When the prospects for treatment are uncertain, there’s the fear of dying at so young an age. Even with an excellent chance of being cured, teenagers with cancer face myriad emotional, educational and social concerns, especially missing …

Dr. Carrie Wambach joins Reproductive Partners

Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Carrie Wambach has joined us. She will work primarily in the Beverly Hills office.

University of California, Irvine College of Medicine, M.D.
University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science & Arts, B. S.

Dr. Wambach completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, followed by a three-year fellowship specializing …

More on fertility for cancer survivors

An article in the New York Times says that there is more hope for fertility for childhood cancer survivors even if they did not take advantage of fertility preservation methods which were not available when they underwent radiation or chemotherapy.

At one time, oncologists rarely worried about the reproductive side effects of treatment because so few pediatric patients survived. But …

More on fertility preservation for cancer patients

There is growing interest in preserving fertility in young cancer patients as evidenced by a growing number of articles in the press.

Two very recent articles highlight fertility preservation in adolescents and the use of ovarian freezing as an option along with egg freezing.

In the September 3, 2013 Wall Street Journal a story highlights fertility preservation in children …

AMA urges insurers to cover fertility preservation

In a story reported on Medscape, the AMA adopted a resolution to urge insurers to cover fertility preservation in cancer patients.

If insurers cover costs for reconstruction after a cancer patient has a mastectomy and costs for storing blood in case a cancer patient needs a subsequent transfusion, why shouldn’t they cover expenses for fertility preservation when a young …

Angelina Jolie’s decision spotlights cancer treatment options

An article in the Washington Post Angelina Jolie’s difficult decision based on her family history and the fact that she carried the BRCA1 gene highlights the many options for cancer treatment today.

“‘Jolie’s op-ed probably will inspire other women to find out more information and think about their choices, said Eleni Tousimis, chief of breast surgery at Georgetown hospital. There …

Fertility Preservation is an Option for Cancer Patients

From an article in the June 2012 Ob.Gyn. News:

Fertility preservation for young women facing cancer therapy has garnered endorsements from leading medical groups in oncology and reproductive medicine, and it isn’t in the experimental stages anymore, interviews with experts suggest.

"There is more literature coming out showing that egg freezing does work," said Dr. Clarisa R. Gracia, director …

Fertility preservation for cancer patients by egg freezing

Until recently there were no good options for preserving a woman's fertility when she had to go through cancer treatments which could potentially destroy her ferrtility. In the past several years egg freezing has become a viable option. The question that had not been answered was if the cancer itself was likely to have altered their fertility even before cancer …