ASRM ABSTRACTS: More on endometriosis

This is one of a series of news items from abstracts of studies presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine as complied by Dr. David Meldrum, Scientific Director of Reproductive Partners. We appreciate the enormous amount of work it takes to compile and comment on these abstracts.

Two oral presentations of interest to women …

Are women with severe endometriosis more attractive?

According to an article in My Health News Daily, women with the most severe form of endometriosis happen to be unusually attractive. Researchers in Italy speculate that the qualities that led to the women's good looks also predisposed them to the painful gynecological condition.


In the study, independent observers rated 31 percent of women with severe endometriosis as …

Improving IVF outcomes in women with endometriosis

It has been known for some time that women with endometriosis have had a poorer prognosis for success with IVF than women who do not suffer from the condition.

In an attempt to reverse this negative effect from endometriosis, several strategies have been employed including  surgery to remove endometriomas and cauterize endometrial implants and pretreatment before the IVF cycle with prolonged Lupron or …