Study provides insight into why severely obese women have more difficulty getting pregnant with IVF

One third of American women of childbearing age are battling obesity, a condition that affects their health and their chances of getting pregnant. Obese women often have poor reproductive outcomes, but the reasons why have not been clearly identified. Now, a novel study gains further insight into the underlying mechanisms. The study was published online on September 11 in the …

IVF Live-Birth Rates Approach Those of Natural Conception

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine links data from the SART Clinic Outcome Reporting System to show that, with favorable patient and embryo characteristics, IVF live-birth rates approach those of natural conception.

The researchers reviewed data from 246,740 women, with 471,208 cycles and 140,859 live births, finding that live-birth rates declined with increasing maternal age and

More embryos do not lead to better success rates

Haven't we been saying this for a long time?



A new study of fertility treatment in found that women who get three or more embryos have no better odds of having a baby than those who get just two embryos.

They also have a greater chance of risky multiple births.

“Women who have gone through infertility treatment want

How many eggs does it take to produce an IVF success?

The trick answer is one. But is more always better?

According to a study in the September issue of Fertility & Sterility there is an advantage to obtaining six or more mature eggs compared with five or fewer eggs. But there was no advantage to obtaining ten or more over six to nine.

We listed the misconception that "more is …

Obesity is a factor in IVF success

We have said it before and now a new study in the July 2011 edition of Obstetrics & Gynecology again confirms it: obesity has an adverse effect on the chance of IVF success.

They reviewed the records of 1,721 women undergoing their first IVF cycle with their own eggs. Women with a normal BMI were compared with women with class …

Message for the New Year-don’t drink and….do IVF

And you thought it was going to be "and drive." Well, you shouldn't do that either.

In the January 2011 issue of the journal "Obstetrics & Gynecology an article quantitates the effect of drinking alcohol on IVF success. In examining 4729 IVF cycles the authors found that women drinking at least four drinks a week had 16% less odds of a live …

IVF success-does a woman’s weight matter?

This is one of a series of news items from abstracts of studies presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine as complied by Dr. David Meldrum, Scientific Director of Reproductive Partners. We appreciate the enormous amount of work it takes to compile and comment on these abstracts.

  You bet it does.  

Does insurance coverage influence IVF success?

An article in the September 2010 issue of Fertility & Sterility examines the influence of a non-medical factor, insurance coverage, on IVF outcome.

They studied 91,753 fresh, nondonor IVF cycles in the United States and compared those conducted in states with mandated insurance coverage for IVF with those in states which did not mandate coverage. Cycles conducted in nonmandated states …

What do consistently high-performing in vitro fertilization programs in the U.S. do?

I guess that that means us.

In this article in the September 2010 issue of Fertility & Sterility, the procedures they cite as common in consistently high performing IVF programs do apply to our practice. Common clinical practices identified among these programs included testing all patients for ovarian reserve, endometrial defects, and hydrosalpinges; use of a mixed LH and …