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We love success stories! There is no greater reward than a patient sharing the success that they have had at Reproductive Partners. Here is a collection of some of the happy patients and their stories of success with IVF treatment.

Mackenzie and Gerry Share Their Success Story

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Gina and Brian Share Their Success Story

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K.S. writes via Yelp...

"I absolutely love Rep Partners of Redondo Beach. Every doctor, every nurse, and every staff member are very knowledge, kind, and caring. They are very medically oriented, as opposed to just beying a "puppy mill". In a couple of years of being a patient there, I have never felt like a number......this team is extremely compassionate and, have I mentioned, knowledgeble. It's all about you, the patient. Drs. Yee, Wisot, and Mildrum will always look out for your best interest. The office is open 7 days a week and will always try to accomodate your schedule. I would fly across country to be treated by the awesome doctors of the reproductive partners med group. I have been very successful with them and would highly recommend that practice to anyone who is serious about starting a family. Thank you, Dr. Wisot, Yee, Mildrum, all the nurses and stuff! And good luck to all of you trying to get pregnant."

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Genn Juls writes via Facebook

"I would just like to say how supportive and kind everyone at Reproductive Partners is. We started our family almost 8 years ago. Most of the same staff is there, and it's been so nice sharing the experience of our growing family with the same familiar faces and all that comes with that comfortable feeling. We our now expecting our fourth child! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the staff of the Westminster Reproductive Partners for your positive energy and always being there for support and guidance. We literally couldn't have had our children without you!"

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mnelson writes via our Fertility Forums

"After more than a year of struggling with infertility, a move to CA brought my husband and I into the care of Reproductive Partners and specifically, Dr. Wisot. We had done the Clomid, tried the IUI's unsuccessfully and even spontaneously conceived only to discover it was a tubal pregnancy. Dr. Wisot read our charts and gave us options - he was not quick to recommend one route over the other as he was confident we WOULD be parents one day. With the treatments we had previously attempted, along with the increased risk of another tubal pregnancy, we opted to try IVF. Thankfully, we were successful after the first round. We are now the lucky parents of two healthy and happy 16 month old twin girls! We credit Dr. Wisot and his team not only for their expert medical guidance, but also their empathy and compassion to couples who are experiencing infertility. It is such a delicate issue - one that many people do not understand. The nursing staff handled our questions and concerns with the utmost urgency and kindness - support that we will never forget receiving from you!"

In our opinion, this clinic is the whole package! We would recommend your services to anyone and everyone! We look forward to staying in touch with you through the years as the two miracles you helped us conceive remind us everyday how blessed we are! Thank you just doesn't cut it - we are forever grateful."

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