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We love success stories! There is no greater reward than a patient sharing the success that they have had at Reproductive Partners. Here is a collection of some of the happy patients and their stories of success with IVF treatment.

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Natalie W writes via Yelp

I cannot thank Reproductive Partners enough, from the amazing nurses, to Sandra in the front, to the fantastic and caring Dr Amin, I really feel like I had the dream team working with me for the 3+ years it took for me to become pregnant. It's a nerve wracking, emotional, and expensive journey, but you really are in the best hands with these doctors and nurses. I was fortunate to become pregnant after many failed attempts, and my sweet girl is a few weeks old now. My dream would not have happened without being in the care of Reproductive Partners. I am forever grateful for Dr Amin and her team of nurses. You ladies have made our world so much better now that we have out sweet girl

- Natalie W - Yelp, January 18, 2020

Anet B. writes via Yelp

My husband and I had been trying to have kids for a few years and didn't have any luck conceiving naturally so we looked into getting some help. We found RPMG through my doctor and decided to go this route. They are AMAZING! All three doctors in the practice are very knowledgeable and let you know step by step what is going on and so caring! You're not treated as just a name in a file, but an actual person! I mainly saw Dr. Carrie Wambach and she's amazing! IVF can be a hormonal and emotional rollercoaster, but she always put me at ease. Not only are the doctors great but the nursing staff as well! I highly recommend any that has difficulty getting pregnant to schedule a visit with them! My husband and I are now expecting are first at the end of April and I know we couldn't have done it without them! They absolutely fantastic!!

- Anet B. - Yelp, January 7, 2020

Nandi P. writes via Yelp

Since the first time I went to see Dr. A, I knew that she was the right one for me! I had been to another infertility clinic in the area and was less than happy with their service and care for me. When I saw Dr. A, I knew that she would walk with me as if I was in her own family -- and help me to get pregnant after miscarriage. Her tests were thorough and her "bedside manner" left me feeling comfortable while journeying through IUI. She never pressured me to do an IUI and kept saying "you know your body". Also, she even gave me her cell number and when I had questions that were beyond the medical staff, I would just text her!! Now, here I am 5 months pregnant with our rainbow baby!!! And, I am convinced it is because of Dr. A's care for me and our little family!!! I will say, the nurses leave a bit to be desired-- it just depends on who you get on the phone. Also, people bring their babies to their appointments sometimes which was SO hard-- not sure why they don't do what other infertility offices do and not allow babies/children. But other than that, Dr. A is the best!

- Nandi P. - Yelp, August 19, 2019

J.C. writes via Yelp...

Without going into the gory details of our 7 year struggle, I can tell you that hands down, Dr. Huang, his colleagues (Dr. Wambach and Dr. Rosen) and the Reproductive Partners staff are the best!!! We have gone through numerous miscarriages and countless surgeries, and with the help of RPMG, we finally have two twin girls on the way with our second surrogate. The emotional and physical support that we received from RPMG from Dr. Huang always calling me back even if it was 11 p.m. at night, to Veronica and Cheryl's immediate responses to my surrogacy questions, to my nurse Kate going above and beyond to answer questions that were not in her job requirements (to name only a few examples) there is no other group of people that I would recommend to go through this emotionally taxing journey! All of you have a special place in my heart and I thank you for all that you have done for us.

- J.C. - Yelp, July 7, 2019

Genn Juls writes via Facebook

"I would just like to say how supportive and kind everyone at Reproductive Partners is. We started our family almost 8 years ago. Most of the same staff is there, and it's been so nice sharing the experience of our growing family with the same familiar faces and all that comes with that comfortable feeling. We our now expecting our fourth child! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the staff of the Westminster Reproductive Partners for your positive energy and always being there for support and guidance. We literally couldn't have had our children without you!"

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mnelson writes via our Fertility Forums

"After more than a year of struggling with infertility, a move to CA brought my husband and I into the care of Reproductive Partners and specifically, Dr. Wisot. We had done the Clomid, tried the IUI's unsuccessfully and even spontaneously conceived only to discover it was a tubal pregnancy. Dr. Wisot read our charts and gave us options - he was not quick to recommend one route over the other as he was confident we WOULD be parents one day. With the treatments we had previously attempted, along with the increased risk of another tubal pregnancy, we opted to try IVF. Thankfully, we were successful after the first round. We are now the lucky parents of two healthy and happy 16 month old twin girls! We credit Dr. Wisot and his team not only for their expert medical guidance, but also their empathy and compassion to couples who are experiencing infertility. It is such a delicate issue - one that many people do not understand. The nursing staff handled our questions and concerns with the utmost urgency and kindness - support that we will never forget receiving from you!"

In our opinion, this clinic is the whole package! We would recommend your services to anyone and everyone! We look forward to staying in touch with you through the years as the two miracles you helped us conceive remind us everyday how blessed we are! Thank you just doesn't cut it - we are forever grateful."

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