The Reproductive Partners Story

Many of our physicians and staff members at RPMG have been helping couples achieve their dream of completing their family for well over 30 years and are responsible for thousands of births resulting from assisted reproductive technology. This legacy has produced techniques for developing individual treatment plans, which result in a high level of success in even the most difficult cases. When you join the RPMG team as a patient, you will benefit not only from the expertise of a single physician but also from the combined knowledge and innovation of the entire group. At Reproductive Partners, we offer comprehensive evaluation and practical treatment of all aspects of infertility care in our conveniently located Southern California infertility treatment centers.

Reproductive Partners is nationally recognized for their pioneering work in helping infertile couples. The physicians and our IVF Program have been featured in publications such as PEOPLE Magazine, Redbook's "Outstanding Fertility Centers," Good Housekeeping's "Best Doctors for Women," Center for the Study of Services' "Guide To Top Doctors," Los Angeles Magazine's “Super Doctors” and “Rising Stars” and Castle Connolly's "America's Top Doctor's Guide".

Experts in the Field of Fertility

Having successfully implemented some of the very first IVF procedures in the United States, the fertility specialists at RPMG are nationally and internationally recognized as pioneers and innovators in the field of infertility treatment. Dr. Yee was involved in the first successful frozen embryo transfer in the United States, while Dr. Meldrum's work culminated in the first delivery from an ultrasound-guided egg retrieval in the United States.

RPMG physicians serve on the editorial and review boards of medical journals such as "Fertility and Sterility" and "Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics." All RPMG doctors search for important new developments within the fertility community, which ensures that the personalized fertility treatment plans at RPMG are in line with most recent advancements in infertility research.

The doctors at RPMG have held clinical faculty appointments in the schools of medicine at leading universities such as UCLA, UCSD, and UC Irvine. The opportunity to teach and conduct research are significant functions of the RPMG practice. By teaching the latest techniques, developing new procedures, and achieving scientific breakthroughs, we are able to continually improve our own practice and contribute to the development of the entire fertility community.

All of this is important to you because it ensures that you have access to the broadest array of fertility treatment options combined with the continually refined technical skills required to perform these delicate procedures.

Our History

While in Medical School, Dr. David Meldrum developed an interest in infertility resulting from his wife Claudia's own difficulty conceiving. This led him in the direction of treating patients with infertility, as well as resulting in the birth of the Meldrum quadruplets. A sabbatical from ULCA in Australia in 1982 resulted in his learning the techniques of IVF.

RPMG Original Staff Members

In 1986 he moved his program to Redondo Beach where it evolved into the Center for Advanced Reproductive Care (CARC), now Reproductive Partners. Dr. Meldrum was joined by Dr. Wisot that same year. The Redondo Beach location serves as the main IVF laboratory facility for the Los Angeles and Orange County offices.

Drs. Meldrum and Wisot

At the same time, Dr. Yee established University Infertility Associates (UIA) at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, which affiliated with CARC in 1995 and merged into Reproductive Partners in 1998. Drs. Greg Rosen and Dr. Denise Cassidenti joined Dr. Yee at University Infertility Associates in Long Beach. Dr. Cassidenti is one of the first women board certified as a Reproductive Endocrinologist in greater Los Angeles and Orange County. Dr. Rosen started a Burbank/Glendale satellite office of UIA which relocated to Beverly Hills to become RPMG's Beverly Hills current office.

Happy Mothers at Reproductive Partners

The Westminster office opened in November 2006 as a result of the relocation of RPMG's original Long Beach office. Both the Redondo Beach and the Long Beach offices were both among the first IVF centers in California.

Dr. Meldrum retired in 2013. Dr. Wisot took a leave of absence from clinical practice in 2016 but still does administrative work for the group. Dr. Yee serves as President of RPMG. Newer RPMG physicians include Andy Huang, M.D., Gayane Ambartsumyan, M.D., Marli Amin, M.D. and Carrie Wambach, M.D.. Wayne Lin, M.D. is an affiliated physician who works at Fertility Centers of Orange County.