New Strategies to Boost IVF Success Rates

Here is a relevant article published in the Wall Street Journal regarding an additional option to possibly improve IVF outcomes.  It is a treatment option that RPMG has already provided.

Especially with the recent advances in freezing techniques, this may be a very good option for couples who have not had previous successes.  Talk to your primary RPMG physician …

IVF Treatment Not Associated with Overall Increased Rate of Breast Cancer

There has been much debate regarding a possible link between assisted reproduction and cancer.  Some cancers, particularly those of the breasts and ovaries, may be hormone responsive, and certainly hormones may be used in infertility treatment.  Many hormones, such as estrogens and progesterones, are naturally produced by the body at a much higher rate during pregnancy, regardless of whether the …

Egg freezing revolutionizes the process of egg donation

Recent advances in technology have allowed frozen eggs to be more successful than ever.  For years, the process of egg donation has relied on using donor eggs at the time of retrieval.  But this could be quite difficult.  It was necessary to synchronize the cycles of the donor and the recipient, and prospective parents incurred long wait times and large …

Miscarriage and social media

As noted in this recent article in USA Today, couples deal with loss and bereave miscarriages in different ways.

For many, it easier to keep the loss to a very small circle and mourne
the loss privately.  These couples prefer not to involve even close
friends for various reasons.  One reason is that they prefer to keep
the privacy of