Dr. Carrie Wambach’s Personal Surrogacy Story

Dr. Carrie Wambach’s son Cole was born in 2017 via surrogate. Here Carrie and her surrogate Jessica Busman share their story. Jessica now owns The Surrogacy Partnership Agency which works frequently with RPMG.…

RPMG Annual Picnic

The Reproductive Partners Medical Group Annual Picnic was held Sunday September, 15 2019 and brought together dozens of families to celebrate their success. With food, drinks, games and prizes, there was something for both adults and kids of all ages. Below are some pictures from this fun afternoon together.

7 Reasons To Consider Frozen Donor Egg IVF

Donor Egg IVF
As fertility technologies advance, using fresh or frozen donor eggs with IVF treatment is becoming a more attractive option for women struggling to conceive. Within the last few years, donor egg IVF has grown quickly in popularity, and patients are learning about the many benefits this type of fertility treatment provides.

At Reproductive Partners, we work together with Donor Egg …