Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility

Studies show that sexual dysfunction is present in about 20-25% of infertile couples. Adequate sexual function can contribute to the success of fertility treatments, but more importantly, sexual dysfunction can be a source of stress and conflict within the couple's relationship. The stress itself can reduce the chance of a successful outcome. Erectile dysfunction can be further worsened by performance anxiety and the pressure to time relations to the woman's ovulation.

At Reproductive Partners we are concerned about your mental well-being and want you to maintain a strong relationship during and following your fertility treatments. That can help attain the highest possibility of success and strengthen your relationship during the challenges of pregnancy and rearing your family.

Dr. David Meldrum of Reproductive Partners has developed a web site and written a book outlining many simple things men can do to help solve this problem themselves. According to Dr. Meldrum's research, drugs such as Viagra should be the last resort. The critical factor for adequate erections, nitric oxide (NO), is positively influenced by factors such as increasing physical activity, reducing excess weight and fat and sugar intake, and by ingesting specific foods and nutritional supplements that maximize NO production. Dr. Louis Ignarro, who received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of nitric oxide, and who first defined the role of NO in the erectile response, has written the forward for Dr. Meldrum's book. He states "I have no doubt that this book will help millions of couples around the world by improving male sexual performance." In fact Dr. Meldrum's non-drug regimen is helping some men have better erectile performance than they have ever had, even when much younger.

Click on the following link to Dr. Meldrum's web site,, to learn about the physiology and biochemistry of erectile function so that you can start on the path toward a more pleasurable and fulfilling sexual relationship. At the website you may also download his book, "Survival of the Firmest" that provides all the details.