Delaying cycle start while on EPP protocol?

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Delaying cycle start while on EPP protocol?

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Hi Dr Wisot,
I am starting an Estrogen Priming Protocol on day 21 of this cycle (Estrace 10 days after LH surge, 3 x Cetrotide, then continue on Estrace till CD1). However, I have read on several portals that the estrace and cetrotide might make periods come earlier than normal. If this happens then i might be in trouble for EC as I am out of town for work in the second week of February and might not be in town when trigger day comes around.

If my period comes as per normal (on day 28) then i should be fine, but if comes earlier (say, day 25) then i will be in trouble :).
Is there a way to use the estrace to lengthen my cycle?
Or perhaps if period shows early, can i perhaps continue on the estrace after periods start and only start stims on CD4 instead of CD2 or 3?

Looking forward to your opinion in this regard. My regular doctor is only back at the clinic next week and the nurse doesn't understand the implication of my query :(
Dr. Wisot
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Re: Delaying cycle start while on EPP protocol?

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Unfortunately I cannot comment of the details of protocols here or give specific advice.
There should be a doctor covering your doctor who can tell you what your doctor would advise.

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