Second opinion - Day 4 FET of day 5 blastocyst

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Second opinion - Day 4 FET of day 5 blastocyst

Post by LB » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:17 pm

Hello and thank you for this blog.

I am currently using an IVF whereby I have had reasonable success so far.

I conceived naturally and had a perfectly healthy baby when I was 40. At 41/42 I had two rounds of IVF and collected 25 eggs. At 43 I went ahead with fertilisation and on Saturday, 4 days after natural ovulation, I had an FET of a genetically tested 5 day blastocyst. (FYI 10 oocytes defrosted successfully, ICSI successfully fertilised 9, but only 1 made it to be a good 5 day blastocyst).

I have two questions relating to this.

1. Does genetic testing bring about early hatching due to the breaking of the shell to access cells? If so, how quickly can this occur?
2. Was the uterine wall ok for successful attachment/implantation on day 4 (if the hatching occurs shortly after FET)?

Within a couple of hours of the transfer I started to feel some pain (burning feeling), but am worried that my body wasn't ready.

Much appreciated.

Dr. Wisot
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Re: Second opinion - Day 4 FET of day 5 blastocyst

Post by Dr. Wisot » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:50 pm

1. The biopsy done for the PGS is similar to assisted hatching which can result in easier hatching in embryos with thicker zonas, not necessarily earlier hatching.

2. Apparently your doctors thinks so but I can't say because I do not know the details of their protocol.

There would be no physical signs that you could detect from what's going on in there so just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Arthur L. Wisot, M. D.
Reproductive Partners Medical Group
Redondo Beach, California

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