IVF Cycle After Miscarriage

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IVF Cycle After Miscarriage

Post by aibabytogc » Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:21 am

I have heard a variety of advice regarding how long to wait after a miscarriage before trying again. From what I've read, it is safe to try again right away, but what exactly does that mean? Do I wait for my period and start there as CD1, or can I start even before that?

Here are my details:
*I am a gestational surrogate
*I did and will be doing a FET (one PGS tested 5 or 6 day embryo) - so don't need to ovulate or worry about egg retrieval
*Miscarriage was believed to happen at 7w1d (12/20) - complete and natural (found no baby on US at what would have been 8 weeks, on 12/26)
*Beta hCG labs done on Sunday 12/28 (1 week and 1 day after m/c) and hCG level was 47
*Very light spotting for two or three days and have currently had no spotting for about two days
*I am feeling fine, physically. It was not a very painful miscarriage - I didn't even know it was a miscarriage when it happened. Emotionally, I am ready to try again. I am one of those who feels like waiting is wasting time and, although our lost baby is grieved, we don't want to delay (the intended parents and I both want to try again as soon as it is safe).
*Medication first round was estrogen starting at CD1, 2mg orally 3x/day; baby aspirin starting at CD1, 81mg orally 1x/day; progesterone starting at CD14, 400mg vaginally (suppositories) 2x/day. Meds will probably be similar next time, except that I am going to try to get switched to PIO shots instead of the suppositories, as I worry low progesterone may have contributed to the m/c (levels were 11.9 at 5w3d and, although I know the blood test doesn't pick up the numbers well when you use progesterone suppositories, it's the only thing that stands out as being off in this pregnancy, and I would rather be safe than sorry)

So, since I'll be doing another FET, and don't need to ovulate or worry about egg retrieval, do I need to wait for my next period, or can I just wait for my hCG to drop to zero and then start meds? I will, of course, be talking to our IVF clinic, as well. However, they are closed for the holidays. Also, I like to get as much information as I can from many sources, so that I can feel like I am making the best informed decision that I can.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Re: IVF Cycle After Miscarriage

Post by Dr. Wisot » Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:45 pm

If you were my patient I would recommend you start your next GS cycle with the start of your next period. That way you know any residual tissue or inflammation in the lining will be gone. No need to wait longer than that.

But follow what your center says.

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Re: IVF Cycle After Miscarriage

Post by aibabytogc » Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:12 pm

Thank you, Dr. Wisot!

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