Frozen Embry protocal

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Frozen Embry protocal

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Due to cost, I had no option but to travel to mexico for IVF. We were able to retrieve and fertilized 4 eggs. For whatever reason, the doctor felt it was best to freeze the embryos and I return later. He has ordered endometrium ultrasound and estradiol test. What levels do both need to be in order to move foward with the implantation? I am currently on day 21 of cycle and Endometrium is 8.7 and Estridol is 142. I have been instructed to now increase estrogen to 4 x a day and start progesterine inserts on Friday with a planned implantation on Monday. I am starting to have concerns about protocal and regrets about decison to travel abroad. Does this protocal appear to be appropriate?
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Re: Frozen Embry protocal

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I really cannot comment on another center's protocol but it sounds pretty standard.

The proof will be if it works and I hope so. Let us know.

Good luck.

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