Next steps after recurrent miscarriages

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Next steps after recurrent miscarriages

Post by maygone » Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:26 pm

My husband and I started TTC our 1st baby this year (I just turned 33 and he's 37). We got pregnant right away but had a MC and D&C. We waited a full cycle and got pregnant again, and had another MC and D&C. Both stopped growing around 7 weeks. We had the "product of conception" from MC #2 tested for chromosomal abnormalities and the results showed the baby had a triploidy and a 4th copy of chromosome 3. We had our chromosomes tested too and the results came back normal. Aside from the miscarriages we have no known fertility issues and my periods have always been regular.

Per our OB/GYN's recommendation we are seeing an RE and have an appointment in 3 weeks. I'm assuming the RE will recommend IVF with PGS (which our insurance doesn't cover, but am willing to consider).

Given we have no other known fertility issues, would you recommend we TTC on our own once more before pursuing IVF? Ultimately, I want to choose the quickest path to a successful, viable pregnancy and feel like both routes have equal potential for success/failure.


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Re: Next steps after recurrent miscarriages

Post by Dr. Amin » Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:39 am

Hi. I'm so sorry you're through this. Having recurrent miscarriages can be very difficult and painful. Although IVF with PGS is not a treatment for recurrent miscarriages, it is sometimes recommended to expedite the time to a successful pregnancy for a couple. If you have a successful pregnancy with IVF with PGS, this would also save you the emotional pain of another miscarriage. In my opinion, you could pursue either option of trying to conceive again on your own or doing IVF with PGS.
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