Chance of pregnancy?!

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Chance of pregnancy?!

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I got a postive ovulation result on febuary 13 and febuary 14. Cervical mucus was clear and watery for these 2 days. I got intercourse the 11, 13, 14 and 16. I'm wondering a fee things.. is there a chance for pregnancy? When should I test for pregnancy? My cycle is normally 29 days. I'm on 20th day of cycle with next period in 8 cervical mucus yesturday was creamy snd dry and today it is wet and creamy today.. what does this mean?? So far I've gotten negative pregnancy :D tests.
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Re: Chance of pregnancy?!

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Ovulation generally happens between 24- 48 hours of positive surge. Ideally it’s good to have intercourse before and during that time period. So yes there is a chance of pregnancy and pregnancy test should be performed 2 weeks after positive ovulation test.
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