Semen analysis!

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Semen analysis!

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Can we still get pregnant naturally? His last semen analysis wasnt great and had strict morphology at 3%. This time everything is great but strict morphology is 0%. Some say this lab could just be really strict in that area and be hard to pass for that because its weird for it to be 0 but have a lot progressive? . What do u think about these results?
Volume 2.7
Sperm concentration 58million/ml
Total sperm number 156.6million
%motile 57%
Progressive motility 51%
Rapid linear progressive 0%
Slow/non-linear 51%
Non-progressive 6%
Immotile sperm 43%
Total progressively motile sperm 79.9million
Strict morphology 0%
Liquification tine 19min
Dr. Cassidenti
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Re: Semen analysis!

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Hello naenae03

This semen analysis shows a normal sperm concentration. Overall motility is good but there is no rapid forward progression., most are showing slow progressive motility It is also concerning that there is 0% strict morphology which implies that there are no normal sperm. Normal sperm are needed for fertilization to occur. So, unfortunately, this specimen is not optimal and I feel that your chances to conceive naturally with this type of specimen would be very low.

Denise Cassidenti, MD
Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc.
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