Thank you for our miracle baby

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Thank you for our miracle baby

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I cannot sing the praises of this medical group enough!
On May 20, 2016, my husband and I had our first appointment with Dr. Yee, who we were referred to by my primary care physician, after three years of trying to have baby with no luck.
Dr. Yee was very calm and patient and made us feel at ease instantly. He asked all of the right questions, and after hearing a little bit about my history with heavy bleeding and extremely painful periods, he suggested we do an ultrasound right then and there.
He was the first doctor I have seen since in my life that has ever taken those symptoms seriously. He saw immediately that something was abnormal with my ovaries and suggested I start some tests and schedule surgery to see about a possible endometriosis diagnosis.
Unfortunately, due to insurance issues, Dr. Yee could not perform my surgery, but I was referred to a local OBGYN surgeon that my insurance covered.
July 14, 2016 I wen in for surgery and sure enough, Dr. Yee was right. I had a pretty advanced case of endometriosis, which I have likely had for 16 years, and no other doctor recognized the symptoms. The surgeon who performed my surgery told me that there was no way I would ever conceive a baby without going through IVF. He also suggested I take some expensive drugs and go in for a hysterectomy in 6months if I chose to not try IVF. He told us these were our only options and that we had to make a decision in a couple weeks before my next cycle, since menstruation is the enemy when it comes to endometriosis.
Naturally we were devastated. I was not willing to take the drugs he suggested and I was not really wanting to have another surgery so soon.
A few weeks later we had an appointment with DR. Yee, and he went over the surgery report and did another ultrasound that day and concluded that my right ovary was improved since the surgery. He knew we did not want to go through IVF, so he suggested that we try an IUI cycle and see what happens. He said because I likely only had one functioning ovary, our chances of conception on one cycle were about 15%. This was something that was affordable for us, and we agreed to try it. We only had enough money to do one cycle, so we had decided that if it didn't work, we would walk away and save up money for an adoption.
We knew our chances weren't very good, but for once, we had a sliver of hope. And I couldn't have been more grateful to Dr. Yee for that.
A few weeks after that, we started the IUI cycle.
It was one of the most difficult times in my life. I has taking FSH hormone shots and felt like I was going crazy but the nurses, doctors and all the staff at this office were incredible and made me feel like I was in good hands. I have never been so happy and comfortable with the treatment my husband and I received there.
We had mentally prepared ourselves for this IUI cycle to not work.
But to our pleasant surprise, we found out on September 10, 2016 via blood test that our prayers were answered, and I was pregnant.
The entire first trimester was scary and we knew that miscarriage was a possibility. But everyone at RPMG took such great care of me in those first few weeks and they really made me feel relieved every time they saw me.
They eventually sent me off to an OBGYN's office and I was sad to leave them. I cried on my last appointment!
On May 16, 2017, almost exactly a year from the date of our first appointment with Dr. Yee, our beautiful baby boy was born, and he was healthy and perfect.
I am crying as I type this because what Dr. Yee and everyone at RPMG has done for us has been nothing short of miraculous. I have never been happier.
Not only did Dr. Yee basically diagnose a disease I have had for 16 years that several doctors in my life failed to pay any attention to, but he also gave us the best gift we have ever received, the gift of being parents.
If you are on the fence about making an appointment with RPMG, please know that in all of my life I have never gotten such stellar treatment from anyone in the medical field. I wish all doctors, nurses and office staff would be as attentive and caring as everyone here is. Make the call to RPMG. I promise you won't regret it.
Thank you Dr. Yee, we will forever be grateful to you and all the amazing people who work in your office.
Dr. Wisot
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Re: Thank you for our miracle baby

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What a great story. And with a happy ending.

Dr. Yee will be very happy to read this. :D

Thank you.

Arthur L. Wisot, M. D.
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Re: Thank you for our miracle baby

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Thank you so much for sharing your happy experience with us. We at Reproductive Partners have a group of truly dedicated professionals who's sole mission is to help couples/individuals start their families. I am humble just to be part of this.

Best wishes,
Bill Yee
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