Thank You For Being The Best

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Thank You For Being The Best

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My wife and I have never had such a great encounter as the one that we had with Dr. Rosen, Dr. Huang, and their incredible staff! We think of it more as a journey to our greatest accomplishment together in our 9 years, making our son! For so long we had tried and were unable to get pregnant. We felt like it might never happen. Even with the odds that Dr. Rosen presented us with in the beginning, we tried to stay realistic that we should not be disappointed if the IUI did not work the first try. It did! Russell IV is due on 4/3/14. It was like a dream come true when the nurse called us with good news, after we made a point not to get our hopes up too high. It couldn't have gone any better. The most incredible part of the journey was of the relationships we made with both Dr. Huang and Dr. Rosen, and their amazing assistants! They were the friendliest people we could have asked for, and they made us feel more like friends than patients, which was very important to us. All in all, I would give our experience an 11 out of 10, and 5 stars. THANK YOU DR. ROSEN AND DR. HUANG! :D :) :P
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Re: Thank You For Being The Best

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Congratulations to you on the upcoming arrival of Russell IV. I will pass this wonderful message along to Drs. Rosen and Huang.

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