3 Months Prego after PCOS

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3 Months Prego after PCOS

Post by Mom2Be » Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:59 pm

Firstly, I want to thank our Lord Jesus for such a great blessing. After many attempts of TTC for over 4 years with the help of Reproductive Partners our dream has became true! We would like to thank ALL the staff at the Westminister office thank you guys/ladies for being so courteous, kind, compassionate, and professional. From the facility's cleanliness to all the knowledge we do not regret driving 2 hours for each visit. For all you families TTC don't give up eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water. This can all contribute to you conceiving. Baby dust to all the families don't give up! With God all things are possible. Special thanks to Gayane Ambartsumyan, Bill Yee, Gregory F. Rosen, and Denis L. Cassidenti may God bless you all thank you is just not enough. Fernando and Tania

Dr. Wisot
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Re: 3 Months Prego after PCOS

Post by Dr. Wisot » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:26 pm

Thank you for sharing your success with all of us. :D

I will pass on your note to the doctors and staff at Westminster.

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Re: 3 Months Prego after PCOS

Post by Dr. Cassidenti » Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:10 am

Thank you for your post. All of us at the Westminster office are so excited for you. We would love to see the new addition to your family! Please keep us posted.

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