Using Frozen Donor Egg

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Using Frozen Donor Egg

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Thinking of using frozen eggs from a donor. The process used to freeze the eggs is called vitrification. The donor has been proven to have eggs that survived the thaw - other than that what are the dangers of using frozen eggs? Does the time the eggs have been frozen play a role in thawing and fertilization success? Also, if you are successful in fertilizing the eggs, what are the chances of freezing the remaining embryos and having them come out of a freeze for future use?
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Re: Using Frozen Donor Egg

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Frozen eggs will be the egg donation procedure of the future and it's now just starting. It is teh same procedure as freezing eggs for fertility preservation ( ... ezing.html).The process is new but so far there have not been any downside to using frozen eggs. The time they are frozen is not a factor and there has been some experience with freezing embryos from frozen eggs.

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