IVF Egg Collection - Trying to understand what when wrong??

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IVF Egg Collection - Trying to understand what when wrong??

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After 14 days of stimulation on an antagonist protocol, I had my egg collection yesterday. I had 4 monitoring scans in total and at my last scan, two days before egg collection, I had 17 follicles and 4 under developed follicles. The largest follicles were 25mm in size and I had 13 follicles over 18mm. I was optimistic going in for my egg collection and was devastated to hear that only 6 eggs were collected....can someone please help me understand what when wrong?
Only 3 have fertilized over night - 2 had genetic issues and the third had developed two cells so was also deemed abnormal.
I just don't understand - I was last on the clinical list for the day, my consultant told me this, plus the nurse who took me to theater and then the anesthetist too. I felt like they just wanted me out of there!!! I'm really devastated as it was all seemingly going so well and so few eggs from so many follicles does no seem normal! :-( My consultant said we could try and have sex when I asked - as I said if there was a chance he might have missed one... he said "go for it!" - so he clearly thinks he could have missed them too no??
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Re: IVF Egg Collection - Trying to understand what when wrong??

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This is very discouraging but it can happen even with the best IVF centers.

It sounds like the follicles should have been mature from the sizes you mentioned. One possibility is that there could be an issue with the trigger injection: potency, timing, dose or administration. Another could be technical issues at the time of retrieval such as the suction pressure.

With the poor fertilization rate of those obtained, I would vote for a trigger issue.

Your doctor needs to review every aspect of your cycle and come up with changes to hopefully get a better result the next cycle if you choose to do one. If you are not satisfied with your doctor's explanation, get a second opinion.

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