Thin Lining

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Thin Lining

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I had a D and C (vacuum aspiration only) a year ago due to miscarriage. My husband and I are now trying again. Two cycles ago, my lining on the max dose of estradiol was 6.2 mm, and the cycle was canceled. This last month, my lining was 5.5 mm, I started progesterone in oil shots and it got to 6 mm (with a small amount of fluid) two days before transfer. We went ahead, and I became pregnant but miscarried at 4 weeks 2 days. I had an ultrasound today (would be 5 weeks pregnant) and my lining measured 8 mm. Because of this thickness, my Dr does not think the miscarriage was due to thin lining. But our embryo was PGS tested...

Is it possible my lining could have thickened to 8 mm before the transfer but after starting the progesterone shots? If it is 8 mm now, does that mean it is capable of thickening appropriately? My fear is damage from the D and C. Thank you so much!!
Dr. Wisot
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Re: Thin Lining

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I am sorry you are experiencing these very frustrating problems; thin lining and unexplained miscarriage of a normal embryo.

In my experience the only important measurement is the one before you start progesterone. After that almost anything can happen and it has not been predictive of the outcome to me.

My usual suggestions for people with this problem is not to use something like Lupron to suppress your cycle; the dose of estrogen will usually do that and unless you are in a fresh donor cycle if a premature ovulation takes place you can cancel the cycle and start over. For some increasing the blood flow to the uterus can help and I hope you are on baby aspirin to try to help that.

I hope you can do better in the future.

Arthur L. Wisot, M. D.
Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc.
Redondo Beach, California
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