PGS Results - all abnormal

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PGS Results - all abnormal

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TTC for 3.5 years, now 38yo (DH 41) - never a pregnancy. Mild endo and MF (24% dna frag + 2% morph). First round of IVF - 10 collected, 9 mature, 8 fertilized, 4 made it to day 5/6 (all quite high grade) - PGS resulted in all abnormal per below:
1: +22
2: dup(9)(q33.2-qter)[mos], +16
3: del(4)(q31.1-qter), +8, -21
4: +21

My research thus far indicates the above are quite serious abnormalities (am I correct?). We want to go for another IVF round, but how are we to know if the same (type of) results will just repeat? How do you know if the abnormalities are male or female factor?

I won't see my RE for another 10 days due to scheduling and desperately seeking some answers in the meantime. Any insight is greatly appreciated. This is devastating, we thought per the stats that we would have 2 normals from 4 tested. Many thanks.
Dr. Yee
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Re: PGS Results - all abnormal

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I'm sorry to hear you had no normal embryos in your first round of IVF. Chromosomal abnormalities increase with age. For a 38 year old, there is a 75% chance of finding one PGS (PGT-A) normal embryo. The chances are good that a second cycle of IVF will yield a PGS (PGT-A) normal embryo. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if the chromosomal abnormality is maternal or paternal.

Dr. Bill Yee
Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc.
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