Ovulation discharge

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Ovulation discharge

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I rarely seem to get that “egg white” discharge at when I am ovulating. I test ovulation predictor tests, so I know I am ovulating. My discharge is typically water/white, it’s not really sticky like the rest of the month, but it doesn’t look anything like egg whites. I was just needing to know if that effects my fertility any, or if this is just my normal. I do have hypothyroidism, but it is managed about perfectly and I am fairly active and healthy. Thank you for helping!!
Dr. Wambach
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Re: Ovulation discharge

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Discharge does change throughout the month. Typically, as you near ovulation your discharge should be thin, clear and sticky. This type of discharge may be helpful for fertilization as sperm moves to and through the cervix. After ovulation, discharge thickens and is less clear. If you are noticing a change it is probably normal. To be sure, you can get a post-coital test which looks at sperm in your cervical mucus right at ovulation. This test will tell you whether or not sperm is motile and surviving. If your discharge does not seem as described above then you may want to get a vaginal culture and make sure there is no infection.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Carrie Wambach
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