Cycles stopped with OTC supplements

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Cycles stopped with OTC supplements

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Hello! I am a 40 year old G3P2 with normal cycles until I started an OTC supplement with Myo-Inositol and Vitex in the hope it would improve my chances of conception. My age has me scared that I wont have success naturally. I took 3 weeks worth, did not get my period at the scheduled time, so I stopped and it has been 2 months since any period at all. I live overseas currently where there is a language barrier, so when I saw a local RE, he stated based on my US, that I was having "non functioning ovaries". He started me on a medication called Duphaston and took some labs which I don't have back yet. I am to go see him within the first 1-5 days of my cycle if this medication induces it, or finish the whole week's worth and go back if my period is not triggered within 10 days of stopping. I am not totally certain what this is supposed to be doing and what typically would be the next step if the medication doesn't work.

I appreciate your input, Drs. Thank you!
Dr. Cassidenti
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Re: Cycles stopped with OTC supplements

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The Duphaston that your doctor gave you is a form of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that is produced after ovulation and the decrease in progesterone if you aren’t pregnant is what causes your period to start. In women who are not ovulating, progesterone is often given to help induce a period to start. It’s unclear what your doctor saw on your ultrasound, but it appears that he/she is planning on starting medication at the start of your period to help your produce eggs or ovulate. If you don’t get your period, the next step will be based more on the results of your blood tests.

Denise Cassidenti, MD
Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc.
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