worried mother

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worried mother

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Hi,,,, my daughter who is 23 lost both her ovaries within 30 days???? cysts ? cortorsion??? beyond my comprehension; fact is she had both her ovaries removed....I am sad for her and doing what I can to get the facts at this point and not dwell on what happened?????
I have a daughter that is 38; she is from a prior marriage but our family is close due to the fact her father died in an auto accident when she was only 6..... my husband has raised my 2 children and in addition I had my daughter Kayla and a younger son ... who we lost at age 16 in 2007 in an auto accident........ This letter may be all over the place as my thoughts are going faster than my typing but I am sick thinking my husband not only lost his young son but any future grandkids......He is bewildered by this but is just thankful our daughter is OK.........Well getting back on track my oldest daughter (38) will do anything to help her younger sister.....she wants to donate eggs and has educated herself of it all and has a best friend that went through in vetro to have her 2 children.....my oldest daughter has 3 healthy children and is very healthy herself...... I know there are no guarantees especially AFTER 38 but my youngest daughter only wants to have kids in the future (after colleage) etc......using her sisters eggs......I am reaching out here for advise and sugesstions.....my youngest daughter is currently not married or in a serious relationship.....and thats another story.....Sorry so long a post or letter but I am just a very worried and stressed mother......thank you;
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Re: worried mother

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Sorry to hear that you are having such grief.

Your 38 year-old daughter could freeze her eggs if she still has good ovarian function and donate them to your younger daughter. They could remain frozen until your younger daughter is ready to covceive when they can be thawed and fertilized with her future partner's sperm. But at age 38 she should do it soon.

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