Am I still fertile

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Am I still fertile

Post by Jaime_Joy »

Hi I am a 38 year old female and I have a question?? Are my ovaries still releasing eggs below are there measurements...
R. Ovary 28 * 31 * 46 mm
L ovary. 33 * 27* 35 mm
I'm so confused any advice anyone
Dr. Wambach
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Re: Am I still fertile

Post by Dr. Wambach »

Hi Jamie,

I know it all can be confusing. If you are getting periods every month, most likely you are ovulating. Unfortunately, I cannot tell from this ultrasound. This ultrasound shows the size of your ovary, which is normal. But it does not show if you are making an egg this month. To document ovulation you need an
Ultrasound that looks at your follicles.

I hope this helps.

Carrie Wambach, MD
Reproductive Partners Medical Group
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