Should I do PGS or GPD?

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Should I do PGS or GPD?

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I had my 10 eggs freezing at RPMG when I was 39 years old. I am now 43 years old and want to use my frozen eggs for IVF. I am wondering if I should do the PGS or PGD? What is the chance of IVF success without PGS or PGD vs. with PGS/PGD?
I have never had IVF for having babies before. I did tried 3 cycles of IUI last year. They failed. This is my first time of IVF for my first baby. I am healthy and my husband is diabetes type 2.
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Re: Should I do PGS or GPD?

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PGS is to check for chromosomes which would be appropriate for your age. It would help select normal embryos to transfer but since is does not make an abnormal embryo normal it will not improve the success rate but might lead you to success earlier by knowing you are transferring a normal embryo. But it would require freezing the embryos.

PGD is for single gene defects and would not be appropriate unless you and your husband share the same abnormal gene.

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