Egg Freezing All of Your Eggs

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Egg Freezing All of Your Eggs

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I was wondering if someone could tell me if there would be any medical reason why a woman could not have all of her eggs extracted and frozen after puberty, as a means of contraception, to be able to retrieve the egg(s) when a child is wanted. I understand there are cost, feasibility, and ethical issues regarding this concept, but would there be any negative physical effects of removing all of the eggs? Is there any medical reason why a woman needs to menstruate if there are no eggs present? Would this induce an irrevocable or unhealthy early onset of menopause? Why is the removal of all remaining eggs not a better alternative than other currently used sterilization techniques (such as having tubes tied, hysterectomy, etc.) Lastly, is there a maximum timeline of how long the eggs can stay frozen. Theoretically speaking, if a young female has all of eggs removed at age 15, and then chooses to conceive a child at age 30 by retrieving a frozen egg (or eggs), should it still be perfectly viable?

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Re: Egg Freezing All of Your Eggs

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At puberty it is estimated that woman has hundreds of thousands of early eggs so it would be impossible to remove all except to remove her ovaries. Not practical.

We do not know of a limit on the length of time eggs can remain frozen and still result in a pregnancy.

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Re: Egg Freezing All of Your Eggs

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I learned that as of 2017 there is one case in which a woman kept her eggs frozen and had a child after 14 years.
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