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Week 7 Ultrasound after FET

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:40 pm
by sweetpea
I recently went through a successful 5 day blast frozen embryo transfer. I am 32 and husband is 33. We have been trying for 1.5 years and have unexplained infertility. I am 5'7 and about 115 lb. All my blood work has always come back completely normal levels, and had a FemVue in January that was clear. We have tried 5 IUI, 1 fresh IVF cycle and now the successful FET.

Had my 1st ultrasound today at 7 weeks and had an empty sac measuring 11x7mm. My HCG today was 14841, progesterone 12 (taking Crinone BID), estradiol 1215 (taking estradiol 2mg TID). My doctor basically says we will miscarry and to stop all meds and come back in a week if I don't miscarry before then for another ultrasound.

HCG levels - 7/8 (123), 7/10 (220), 7/17 (1494), 7/21 (4550), 7/28 (14841)

I've heard that people have gone in at 7 or 8 weeks and not seen the embryo and then a week later they have seen a normal embryo and go on to have a successful pregnancy. I definitely have swollen and tender breasts, inc frequency urination, bouts of random nausea (but no vomiting), inc hunger all day.

My question is 2 fold - should I stop my meds today and won't that naturally cause a miscarriage since I did FET and my body is not yet producing its own est/progest? Or keep on the meds until the next ultrasound?

And do you think there's still a possibility the embryo is really there and maybe just a late implanter or slow grower and another week or so it may be more at the 7 week stage with a heartbeat?

We finally had our first positive pregnancy and now could be miscarrying :(