3 cm Uterine Septum not detected on first Sonohysterogram

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3 cm Uterine Septum not detected on first Sonohysterogram

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In August 2017 I had a Sonohysterogram performed by my doctor. He did not find anything. My doctor at the time had terrible bed side manner and constantly seemed like he wanted to just rush through all my interactions with him, including my procedures (FET, sonohysterogram, etc).

I switched clinics after my doctor told me he did not believe he should be my doctor anymore because I did not trust him. I wanted to try an ERA test that was a 20% possibility (and cost of $800) of why I haven't been able to get and stay pregnant (I have had one chemical pregnancy) and not his suggestion of a hysteroscopy which would only see 3% more than the sonohysterogram (and cost of $3,000). At the new clinic, my doctor said I should redo my sonohysterogram because it had been one year since my last one. A physician's assistant performed my second sonohysterogram and found a uterine septum. My new doctor confirmed that it was about a 3 centimeter septum at the top of my uterus. He said that this isn't something that could have grown over a one year time period.

Is it possible for my first doctor to miss my uterine septum in a sonohysterogram? Was this possible that he missed it because he was constantly rushed with all of my procedures he preformed on me?
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Re: 3 cm Uterine Septum not detected on first Sonohysterogram

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The septum would have been there when you had the first sonohysterogram. It's possible for any doctor to miss and significant finding on any medical test especially if they are rushed and/or indifferent.

The important issue is whether this septum is significant in whatever problem you are having. It is generally thought to be related to late pregnancy loss since it does not have blood vessels. But your new doctor has to correlate your issues with this information.

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