How to pay for IVF

How to pay for IVF

IVF is great technology but like many forms of advanced technology it can come with a hefty price tag. A small proportion of couples may have insurance to cover at least some of the cost of IVF. But for the rest the dilemma is how to pay for it. According the National Conference of State Legislators, only 15 states require insurance providers to cover infertility treatments, and only five of those require that insurance providers cover IVF treatments.

According to an article in SELF magazine, many people use up their savings and borrow against their retirement. Others take out private loans or ask to borrow from family and friends. Some people rack up credit card debt, and some turn to crowdfunding sites. A representative for GoFundMe told SELF that users created an estimated 2,500 campaigns related to IVF and fertility treatment in the last year—up from just 19 campaigns in 2011.

To read stories of how real people paid for their IVF cycles, see the article in SELF, “The Cost of Infertility: This Is How Real People Pay for IVF”

But there may be a better way to go. Reproductive Partnrs and other IVF centers in the Integramed network have the availability of the The Attain™ IVF program. It maximizes your chances of success with IVF through a 6-cycle treatment package (3-fresh, 3-frozen) and minimizes your financial risk by fixing the cost of treatment and providing a refund if treatment is not successful. Women must be under 38 years old to be considered Attain™ IVF, Women 38 and older may participate if they are using donor eggs. Generally the Attain IVF Refund Program is for patients with limited or no infertility insurance coverage. If you have partial coverage, you still may be able to use the Attain IVF Refund Program. We suggest you fully explore your insurance benefits before enrolling in the program.

For more information please check out our IVF Financing pages.

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